Simon B.:  Meet Sagegami!

Sagegami is a good friend of Bella’s and another student of Bamboo Grove High School that’s in the same class as Mui.

Sagegami is a pony girl whose trademark is her ponytail (although she does let her hair down when she’s at home).  Sagegami enjoys shopping and fashion, and knows exactly how to find the right outfit and the right look for the right occassion.  She hopes to some day become a veterinarian as her career choice due to her love for animals.  However, her love for something else will likely lead her to change her career.  She is good friends with Bella, even if the two seem like total opposites, but they get along well and compliment each other nicely (even if Bella is adamant to not let Sagegami give her a makeover).

While Sagegami is quite popular and well loved at the school, she still can’t seem to shake Hibiki from her throne as Queen of Bamboo Grove High.  Sagegami has tried on more than a few occassions to topple the haughty Hibiki, but to no such luck.  Sagegami suspects this might be because Hibiki’s family is rather well off.  Sagegami’s family runs the clinic in town and both of her parents are respected doctors in the city, but even so, they still don’t make nearly enough as Hibiki’s family does.

Sagegami doesn’t care too much for Mui, but it’s very likely she may find a use for Mui if it means she can get at Hibiki and chip away at her popularity.  But when Mui discovers something about Sagegami that no one else at school knows, it could change Sagegami’s life forever.

P.S.  Sagegami’s look actually is based on her original appearance as a background character back in the old comic on Page 5.  You can find it on Dew’s art pages, so check them out!  Links for the authors will be coming soon!