Simon B.:  Meet Bella!

Bella is a student that goes to Bamboo Grove High School along with Mui and Hibiki.  While a cow girl like Mui, Bella’s personality is quite different.  She’s an avid reader whose parents run the town bookstore / library.  She’s friends with another student named Sagegami, but seems to almost always have a book in front of her at all times.  If not, odds are likely she is carrying the book she is currently reading somewhere on her.

While shy and not terribly outgoing, Bella is still very interested in the world beyond Bamboo Grove, and has an encyclopedia of knowledge inside her head.  She also has a crush on a boy in school, but only Sagegami knows who it is, and even then, can’t understand why him of all people.

Bella is going to be one of the 16 students in Mui’s class (And that’s 16 counting Mui)  She’ll also have a very important role in the story later down the road, so keep your eyes peeled for her.