Simon B.:  Meet Hanuma the monkey, and Chubi the mouse!

Hanuma is an easy-going, laid back, care-free aspiring monk.  His parents run a temple dedicated to the Gods of the world, and Hanuma has picked up a few things from his devout parents.  Although he has picked up a number of other things as well, namely an eye for the ladies.

While Hanuma may be a monk in training, he is a very lecherous monk in training.  He has been known to hit on just about all the girls that go to school, and is rumored to have been rejected and shut down about 1,000 times if not more.  Still, he is very calm, care-free, and takes things as they come.

Currently he has his eyes set on fellow monkey-girl, Nana, who is also Mui’s best friend.  Nana, however, has absolutely no interest in him, and tries to keep him as far away from her as possible.  Even so, Hanuma has yet to give on his pursuit of Nana (even though Nana’s father has made quite sure that Hanuma never gets close to her… ever!)

Despite Hanuma’s lecherous habits, he’s not that bad a guy, and does look out for people other than himself.  He’s good friends with a tiger named Koji who tends to get worked up and stressed out every now and then.  When that happens, Hanuma is usually there to offer some kind words to help Koji settle down.


Chubi the mouse is an unfortunate soul at Bamboo Grove High School.  Standing at around 4′ 4″ tall, Chubi is the smallest student at Bamboo Grove High.  Furthermore, his short stature has made him a frequent target of the school bullies Buton and Kuton.  They pick on him and have stolen his lunch money on an almost daily basis.

Due to the constant bullying that Chubi endures, Chubi has become very good at finding hiding spots, secret shortcuts, and various means to avoid being seen.  His family runs a herbal foods and ingredients shop in town, which Mui’s mother visits regularly to pick up fresh grains, herbs, vegetables, and fruits for her cooking.  However, his family’s real specialty is something much different that most people in the community aren’t aware of, but that’s another story…

Chubi is also a member of the school’s “Shuihu Zhuan” club.  “Shuihu Zhuan” is a turn-based strategy board game that many of the “Nerdier” students in the school play.  It can be played by 2 to 13 players, with each player controlling one of the many armies from the historical “Sheng Xiao War of 3,000 A.J.”.  Since the roots of the game are based on historical events, the “Shuihu Zhuan” club is supervised by school history teacher: Mr. Ayes.  (More on the game and Mr. Ayes later)

While Chubi’s main focus in school is keeping as far away from bullies as possible, he has unknowingly got the attention of one of the girls in school, but is completely unaware of it.