Simon B.:  Meet Koji!

Koji is a stout, energetic tiger boy that goes to Bamboo Grove High School.  While strong and athletic, he’s also a bit on the short and stout side which gives him a bit of an inferiority complex because of his family.  His dad is a pro-Cuju player that spends most of his time travelling to other provinces competing.  His older brother is also an athlete that’s going to be competing in the Sheng Xiao Power Competition that works kind of like the nation’s Olympics.  They’re rather tall as opposed to Koji, which is why Koji works extra hard at his exercises and sports training to be able to keep up with them.

But as far as anyone else is concerned, only he thinks that he needs to work harder.  He led the High School’s Cuju team to become Province champions last year, has won several medals and trophies in sports ever since he was a cub, and is quite strong and fast as he is.

His good friend Hanuma has known him for many years and the two grew up together in Bamboo Grove.  Hanuma is always trying to get Koji to slow down and relax since Koji is constantly moving from one thing to another at near lightning speed.  And unlike Hanuma, Koji is more focused on sports than he is on girls.  That’s not to say that Koji isn’t completely disinterested in girls altogether; there is a girl that he likes.  However, he believes that he’s got too much to do in his sports life to take time to go on dates or put in a lot of effort to get a girl’s attention.

What he doesn’t know is that the girl that likes him is not the girl that he has a crush on, but someone else completely.