Simon B.:  Today’s page was a labor of love.  Several hours straight were put into drawing this, and actually, truth be told, drawing didn’t begin until Monday!  So it was crunch time with lots of effort going into making this page happen (mostly) on time!

You see, while I write these blurbs, write the script, and post the comic here each week, the real star of this comic is Dew!

And lately, she’s been feeling down and out about her art skills because she sees lots of other artists either do this or that which she either has not yet developed the skill for, or is amazed at the work ethic of other artists who seem to just make art like it’s nothing at all.  She’s worried about her future, her career, and while a future in comic/cartoon/animation would be like a dream for her, she’s uncertain if she’ll ever make it.

That’s where you, the READER, come in!

I want everyone to show Dew some love and visit her pages here!  Say hello, give her some compliments, feedback, or whatever, and let her know that you appreciate all the hard work she puts in each week to make these comics happen.

It’s not easy doing this on a weekly basis, especially when you don’t make a living off of it.  While we’d love to make some merchandise that we can sell with special artwork through sites like Etsy or Cafepress, we don’t have anything like that yet, and right now, there’s not much of a demand for YotC merchandise (yet).

So until that time when money and future woes are no longer an issue, show your love by visiting her pages here:

DeviantArt:  DYW14

Tumblr:  dabathhouse

Twitter:  DYW14

YouTube:  DYW14

FurAffinity:  DYW14

Let her know that you appreciate the comic and all the hard work, and that you want to see more!  With your motivation, it will help us make sure we get the comic to you, on time, each week, sore arms or not!  🙂

So thank you very much for your continued readership!


Oh yeah, and the words on the sign in this comic read:  “Blacksmith”