Simon B.:  Hey folks!  Another week, another new page in Year of the Cow!

Dew and I both apologize for the lack of update last week, and I think Dew’s learned her lesson when it comes to arm exercises.

Today’s page is actually not so much “Page 8” as it is “Page 7a”.  Originally, this was meant to be the last panel of Page 7, but I asked Dew if we could do something to try and portray Mui’s feeling of loneliness here in this page, and put some scope into it.  It wasn’t easy, and required a few tweaks here and there to get it right.

I think it turned out really well, and to help with making this page, Dew also worked on some perspective exercises to help with making backgrounds, rooms, and the like in future pages and art.

Next week, we get to meet some other characters in the comic that have yet to make an appearance.  Stay tuned!