Simon B.:  “I made it!  I survived another Christmas!”

Dew:  “Me too!  Who knew making Christmas happen would be so much work?!”

Simon B.:  “Tell me about it!  I just hope we didn’t forget anything…”

Dew:  “You mean like the Christmas comic for this week?”

Simon B.:  “Yeah, like the Christmas co… WE DON’T HAVE A CHRISTMAS COMIC FOR THIS WEEK?!”

Dew:  “Eh heh heh… well, there’s my little Christmas pic on my art pages with Mui and her friend.”

Simon B.:  “Yes, but it’s not really finished and we need something special!  Something to thank the fans for sticking with us through the holiday season!”

Dew:  “Like a New Year’s pic?”

Simon B.:  “That’s a GREAT idea!  What year is it next year?”

Dew:  “Year of the Dragon.  And actually, I think I have an idea of what to draw…”

Simon B.:  “Make it so!  We don’t have much time!  I’m sure whatever you come up with will be clever and special!”

*Later, after seeing the art*

Simon B.:  “…I see what you did there and I approve.”