December 6th, 2011

Simon B.:  “Hey Dew!  Got the new comic page ready for today?”

Dew:  “Oof… I’m sorry.  I didn’t finish it in time.”

Simon B.:  “You didn’t?!  What happened?  Is everything okay?”

Dew:  “Well… I’ve been trying to tone myself up a bit, and my brother suggested doing arm curls.”

Simon B.:  “Yuh huh.”

Dew:  “Now my arms are so soring that I just couldn’t finish the page!  I’m sorry!”

Simon B.:  “Oh man!  I’m sorry your arms hurt so much.  Think you’ll feel better soon?”

Dew:  “I think so.  I’m hoping they’ll feel better soon enough so I can get the page finished for this Friday or Saturday.”

Simon B.:  “Okay, but we need to give our readers something special to make up for it so we don’t lose them.  Maybe a four-panel funny comic?”

Dew:  “That sounds pretty good.”

Simon B.:  “I’ll get writing on it right away!  You rest those arms and try not to over-exert yourself next time!”

*Looks at everyone*

Simon B.:  “Hey, sorry folks.  Looks like we’re gonna be just a little bit delayed this week, but don’t worry.  Things will be back to ship shape soon.  Come back again soon for the REAL new update!”

*begins to walk away and then stops*

Simon B.:  “Wait… “Soring” isn’t a word…”