Simon B:  Hi-Ho Folks!  Page 6!  And before Thanksgiving too!

This page is a landmark for Dew and I since this is the first page that we had made from start to finish within one week!  Script was just finished last Wednesday, with sketching just starting, and today we have the final product right here!  Before hand, we had a sort of buffer of pages already made, but as we got the swing of things, our buffer diminished bit by bit until we’re at where we’re at right now.  But with this page, buffer or no buffer, we can make sure you get YotC goodness each week!  😀

To everyone reading, whether you’re in a Thanksgiving celebrating country or not, I want to let all of you know that Dew and I are extremely thankful for you readers.  If you weren’t reading, we wouldn’t be doing this comic here.  🙂

Finally, pay attention to this page.  You might find some clues about the world of YotC here. *hint hint*