Simon B.:  Dew and I are VERY sorry for the lack of comic updates.  We’ve got a page in progress right now, but it’s taking longer than expected to finish due to various roadblocks.  It’s got a lot of new characters that didn’t have their designs finalized before going into the new page, new sets that we hadn’t flushed out or blueprinted, and required more practice and attention that originally expected.

The sketching for the page is finished, and it should be ready to go by this Saturday.  However, after it goes up, we’re taking a week-long break to work on finalizing character designs, location layouts and sets, and scripts for the next 10-20 pages or so.  This should allow us to get a proper head start so we can eventually go into two pages a week like we want to.  However, there’s still lots of work to do, and that’s why we’re taking the week off and giving you bonus material as a way to say thanks for all your patience.

Each day, we’ll be posting behind the scenes sketches and references for characters you have seen, as well as characters you may not have seen.  This will give you a glimpse on who you can expect to appear in upcoming pages.  I know it may not be moving the story forward, but these sketches will also be moved to the gallery too once they’re added!

Again, Dew and I both are very sorry for the delay, and hope to make it up  to you as best as we can.

Thank you again for reading, and we’ll be getting the new pages up as soon as we can!  🙂