Simon B:  Another Year of the Cow page is here for all to enjoy! And from the looks of it, someone’s hungry!

This is also our first appearance of Mui’s mother: Nuam. I’m sure some of you may have questions about her. Feel free to ask about them over at our forums!

You know where they are!  If not, go back one page.  🙂

This page was really fun to write for since I had to do some research on traditional Chinese breakfast foods.  Each thing that Nuam mentions is a real thing, and pictures of them can be seen here on the page.  From the descriptions of them, they sound delicious, and I really ought to give them a try some time!

Also, last week we told you about our forum, and this week, I present to you:


Exploring the possibilities that Tumblr can provide, Dew has created her own Tumblr and already begun posting art to it!  Check out original sketches, rough drafts of comic pages, and other lovely arts over at her Tumblr!  You just might learn a thing or two about what’s gonna happen in the comic… maybe!

You can find it here:

Da Bath House Tumblr

Show her some love and let her know how much you appreciate all her hard work.  If it weren’t for her, this comic wouldn’t be possible!  So go on!  Do it!  DO EET NAO!